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About Canvas & Cabernet

…… A Family Affair ……
Canvas and Cabernet is a concept that was created by Angi Kuun and Kate Woodall in the beginning of 2017 by combining their love for art and wine!
Kate is in the immigration process to the USA and will continue creating and teaching arts & crafts.
Angi (that’s me!) teaches all the workshops now.
We call it a “family affair” as I have brought in my sister Pam Kruger as my new partner in crime. Pam has had a lot of experience with creativity and art… from her exquisite skills in cake designing and decorating as well as ceramics and all types of painting.
My Mom, Heather Kuun, helps me take care of all the organization leading up to the events.
When events are bigger, we bring in my artistic aunt Julia Kuun, as well as my cousin Michelle Potgieter. They are able to also step in and help people with their techniques.

The Artist - Angi


About us

The Artist behind the brand:
My name is Angi Kuun-Potgieter, born and bred in Johannesburg, South Africa.
I grew up in an extremely “art-filled” household, where my dad is a designer and luthier (he makes musical instruments) and is basically a creative genius. My eldest sister, Tracey is a qualified fashion designer who has her own sewing school and my middle sister, Pam owns a cake business, designing and baking exquisite cakes which are basically edible pieces of art!  My Mom, Heather has helped all of us with our business ventures from the start, which makes her an integral part of it all.

I attended the National School of the arts in Braamfontein where I attained an NSC certificate in Art. My subjects were drawing, painting, print making, ceramics, computer graphics, design and jewellery making.
I then studied at Calder School of Interior Design where I attained my Higher Diploma in Interior Design.
After working in that industry for a while, I decided it wasn’t really for me and decided to fall back on my first love – Art!
I focused on furthering my skills and practiced drawing, painting and creating on a daily basis! I did and still do get approached for a lot of custom artwork such as portraiture, murals and other custom artwork (

Art has been and will always be my number 1 passion!

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